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A. Structure
The certification examination consists of four papers.  Each paper is designed to test candidates’ competence on specific major sections of the examination syllabus.  Candidates must pass all papers to satisfy the examination requirement for the CFPCMCertification.

B. Eligibility
To attempt any of the four papers, candidates must meet one of the following general education requirements, in addition to the specific financial planning education requirement:

Candidates must have successfully completed the respective required education modules in the  IFPHK Registered CFPCMCertification Education Programin order to be eligible to sit for the specific paper.

C. Examination Coverage
There are 87 topics for job competency requirements for CFPCMcertificants.   All these topics are covered in the six modules of the education program and will be tested specifically in the four Papers.

Pre-requisite Modules


Paper Title



What are covered



Insurance and Retirement Planning



• Financial Planning Process / General Principles
• Insurance Planning
• Employee Benefits
• Retirement Planning



Tax and Estate Planning



• Financial Planning Process /
General Principles
• Tax Planning
• Estate Planning



Investment Planning



• Financial Planning Process /
General Principles
• Investment Planning

Passed ALL SIX modules


Financial Planning Practice



• Integrated topics of financial planning

D. Frequency
The examination for Papers 1 to 4 will be offered twice per year, usually in June and December.

E. Language of Examination 
The examination papers are set in ONE of two languages: English and Traditional Chinese. The examination questions of these two versions are the same, and candidates can choose to take each paper of the examination in ONE of the languages. They are required to confirm their preferred examination language when submitting their examination application. No change of the examination language is allowed after the examination application is received by IFPHK.

F. Grading
All questions in the examination are of equal marks. Each of the four papers of the Certification Examination is graded independently and the result of one paper does not affect another.

G. Re-examination and Time Limit
Candidates are only required to re-sit the paper which they fail. There is no limit on the maximum number of re-sit examinations that one candidate can take for any one of the papers. For certification purpose, candidates must pass ALL four papers within five(5) years (to accommodate the variation of examination dates in each year, 11 examination intakes are counted). Any pass result exceeds this 5-year period (11 examination intakes) will be considered as expired and cannot be used for certification purpose.
(Note: Approval for deferral of examination because of medical or other emergencies will only provide the examination candidate with a waiver of the examination fee forfeiture, but it does NOT extend the 11 examination intakes restriction to one more examination intake.)

H. Examination Results
Examination results are normally available within two months after the examination.  The result notification letter will be sent to candidates by mail.  Candidates can also check the results on IFPHK website upon the posting of the examination result announcement.  

The CFPCMCertification Examination is graded PASS or FAIL.  Candidates who are unable to attend the examination will be regarded as ABSENT.

For details of the CFPCMCertification Examination, click  HERE to download the examination handbook.