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To earn CFP Certification, Candidates must successfully complete the CFP Certification Education Program.  Candidates will be trained with skills in financial management, financial planning principles, investments, insurance, asset management, risk management, retirement, tax planning and estate planning. 

CFP Certification Education Program consists of FOUR courses, each of 40-hour duration:


Class Schedule of the CFP Certification Education Program

Exemption from the CFP Certification Education Program 

Candidates may qualify for exemption from some or all of the courses of the required educational courses if they meet one of the following requirements: 

    1. Fast-track to CFP Certification1 :

      Please refer to the lists of "Fast-track to CFP Certification" for qualifications eligible for the exemption.
    2. Transcript Review:

Validity of CFP Certification Education Records

There is no expiry date of education records, thus allowing Candidates with flexibility to schedule their education program according to their own needs.

Approved Education Providers

Currently, the education programs are provided by the IFPHK’s Approved Education Providers.  These Approved Education Providers comply with a rigorous approval process to ensure quality and standardization.  The IFPHK also provides education providers with study materials and comprehensive guidelines. The Approved Education Providers are:

1.       School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPACE), The University of Hong Kong
Tel: 2867 8468 Fax: 2861 2404

2.       School of Continuing and Professional Education (SCOPE), City University of Hong Kong
Tel: 3442 6359 Fax: 3442 6413

3.       School of Liberal Arts (SLA), Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Tel: (853) 8796 1998 Fax: (853) 2875 0019

4.       Macau Institute of Management (MIM)
Tel: (853) 2832 3233 Fax: (853) 2832 3267

5.       School of Continuing Education (IFTM), Macao Institute for Tourism Studies
Tel: (853) 2856 1252 Fax: (853) 2851 9058

1  Candidates must provide proof of the relevant academic or professional credential. 
2  The Master's Degree program must substantially cover topics of the CFP Certification Education Program (Course 1 to 3)