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Members’ Webinar:

A Call for Financial Planners Riding the Waves of Migration




A new wave of migration has sparked a heated debate in Hong Kong, yet there could be pitfalls await in these lands of the future and it is when professional advice from financial planners comes in.


To keep members’ pace with the opportunities that lies within this context, Member Services Committee of IFPHK has invited Ms. Connie Yeung, a seasoned professional in family trust, to share her insights on the financial pitfalls and wealth management opportunities. What should a BNO holder prepare financially if they were to migrate to the UK? How does the tax system work in the UK? How does trust play a role in tax avoidance?


Members’ Webinar: A Call for Financial Planners Riding the Waves of Migration

Date:                30 October, 2020 (Friday)

Time:               1pm to 2pm

Format:            Webinar (ZOOM)

Content:           Wealth Management Opportunities Arise from the Migration Waves

                         Common Migration Pitfalls

                      Case Sharing: BNO Holders Migrating to the UK

          Q&A Session

Host:                Dr. Keith Yu, Chairman of Member Services Committee of IFPHK

Guest Speaker:  Ms. Connie Yeung, Professional in Family Trust

Medium:          Cantonese

Audience:         IFPHK Members

Capacity:          90 max. (by RSVP, first-come, first-served)

Registration:     link

Enquiry:           Mr. Chu (Tel: 2982 7872 Email: moseschu@ifphk.org)


About the Speaker


Ms. Connie Yeung has been in the industry of portfolio management for clients in mainland China for over 10 years. She has solid experience working with various professionals to implement a structure for corporates and HNWIs for family trusts, offshore companies, listing, private equities and unit trusts. Ms. Yeung has worked with schools, private banks, insurance firms, family office on corporate trainings and as speakers. She has also been the Chief Marketing Officer and Responsible Officer of License Type 4 (advising on securities) of a PRC bank trustee, Head of Business Development of a renowned law firm and a representative of China of a global trust company.





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