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Revised Use of CFP Marks and AFP Marks to strengthen protection of the trademarks



For the past years, IFPHK has series of joint actions with FPSB to protect and strengthen the trademarks. This includes FPSB’s announcements to defend the CFP marks and CFP certification ownership in July and August respectively on the Hong Kong Economic Journal. To further strengthen the mark uses, FPSB recommend to update all the marks by using the ® symbol. The benefit of using the ® symbol is that it provides notice to the public that these marks are registered and that the trademark owner is claiming a monopoly on these marks for the underlying goods and services. Please refer to Quick looks on changes in trademark 2020 for all the updates.


The updated Guide to Use the CFP Marks and Guide to Use the AFP Marks will be officially effective from 1 January, 2021. We will provide sufficient time for CFP certificants and AFP certificants and other stakeholders to adopt the changes. Both CFP certificants and AFP certificants are required to use the new marks with full compliance by 31 December, 2021 according to the updated “Guide to Use of the CFP Marks” and “Guide to Use of the AFP Marks”. For the new version of the CFP mark and AFP mark, please download from here.  


IFPHK mandates the proper use of the marks in its Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility and carefully monitors all usage of the marks in order to ensure its integrity. We view unauthorized use of the marks as an extremely serious matter and will take necessary action to protect them.


If you would like to know more about the new use of marks, please contact us at (+852) 2982 7888 or email to info@ifphk.org.











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