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About AFP Certification

Globally recognized. AFP professionals are part of a rapidly-growing community of financial industry practitioners around the world joining the financial planning landscape.

Core competence. AFP Certification equips financial industry practitioners with a wide range of core competencies in financial planning that caters to their everyday professional needs.

Domestic market. AFP professionals are attuned to the environment of the Hong Kong domestic market and the unique needs of consumers.

Ethical. Regulators and consumer protection groups around the world call for the highest standards of conduct from financial industry practitioners.  AFP professionals are well-equipped to meet these demands because they adhere to the Principles of Clients’ Best Interests, Integrity, Objectivity, Fairness, Professionalism, Competence, Confidentiality and Diligence enshrined in a Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility.

Why Should You Get AFP Certification?

Practical. Provides you with practical knowledge and skills essential to your success as an aspiring financial planner.

Preferred by employers. Helps you fast-track up the financial planning career ladder and win the confidence and recognition of employers.

Stand out from your peers. Allows you to make a head start in financial planning and sets you apart from other financial industry practitioners.

Pathway to CFP Certification. Stands you in good stead to gain the much-coveted CFP Certification as your financial planning career progresses.


Progressing to CFP Certification

CFP Certification represents the Gold Standard of financial planning. CFP certificants are seen as the cream of the crop within the financial planning industry.

AFP certificants are qualified for exemption to certain requirements of the CFP Certification (under "Fast-track to CFP Certification" List B).

Exclusive for AFP Certificants#

AFP certificants enjoy the following benefits on their path to CFP Certification:

# To enjoy the benefits, AFP certificants are required to maintain their AFP Certification status while progressing to CFP Certification.